Opalinski Design House is a  progressive, design and prototyping studio.  Founded by Lukasz J Opalinski  in 2007.  Currently based in  South Florida ,  Studio is operating locally and globally, catering to customers and projects spanning from  Miami through Monaco,  Poland, UK and Australia.

Truly passionate about industrial  design,  we strive to create and deliver the most  exciting, innovative,  beautiful and  environmentally conscious designs of  products,  buildings , interiors,  furniture,  vehicles,  vessels and aircraft we can imagine. 

We pride ourselves  for being on the forefront of innovation, deeply involved in development and promotion of  cutting edge technologies, styling and creative awareness.

              Our mission is to "make this world a better place"  through design ...

 We focus on providing new, improved  living experience by providing comprehensive  design solutions,  including  conceptual  drawings,  detailed drawings 3D models, renders and  video animations.  Company also offers  prototyping (POC)  of certain projects, as well as consultancy. 

 Final production, or build  of a project  is a subject to  a contractor/builder or manufacturer appointed  directly by customer, as Opalinski Design House does not offer manufacturing, or construction services

Large part of our operations is also based on licencing our designs  to  manufacturers to produce  and market of  products  under their brand with inclusion of  Our name as a product or collection designer.  


Founder's  Bio & Philosophy 

I was born in Poland in 1979 . I grew up in sport and creative oriented family with my Dad a league basketball player and my  Mom self tough fashion designer and dress maker.  I played tennis, snowboarded and wake boarded from my earliest age and still love it, but what fascinated me the most was to be exposed to the dynamics and movement of my environment and only now  I see how it influenced my imagination and creativity.
At the age of 15 I attended ZSM technical academy in my home town Kluczbork  where I studied technical illustration and manufacturing technologies.  It was at this point where my facsination with Form and Function was first conceived.  Inspired by world greatest designer "Mother Nature"  I began my journey through bright open pages of my sketchbook. .
At the age of 21  I moved to Southampton UK. in 2004  after Poland Joined EU  I Enrolled to Buckinghamshire Chilterns University to study furniture design and craftsmanship . During the  two year  HND course  I was avle to exibit at London esteemed graduate show  NEW DESIGNERS  where I won New Designer of The year award  in 2005 and 2006 . It was there where visionary Marcus Wilkinson and Michael Young founders of One of One  commissioned  me to design number of ongoing highly exclusive projects. 
I decided to pause my education after 2007 (BA) Product design  at London Metropolitan
University and opened and run  my design studio for 2 years before relocating to MIami Florida  in 2009.
Inspired by vast volumes of surrounding waters  I naturally fell back into the arms of his earliest passions... Yachts...
In 2009 I presented my first ultra modern concept  of  a Mega yacht  at Fort Lauderdale Boat show. Several large European  Shipyards took strong liking into my Designs and ultimately presented him with opportunity to design 85 Meter yacht on one of their platforms.  On that same day I met John Henson, Retired captain and visionary naval advisor, whom moving forward worked closely with me contributing his real world maritime knowledge and expedience to design  a large private vessel. 
Fast- forward 5 months and  the fruit of Our collaboration  Project Magnitude was unveiled  at Abu Dhabi International Yacht Show 2010. Since then Ptoject Magnitude  gained a substantial interest in the industry  and helped to grow my brand , while my team and  I continue to work on new exciting projects. 
I believe that there are no limits to an open mind, therefore an ability to create for one particular industry does not restrain me from creating for another.  So far I have been given an opportunity to design  various products, furniture,  yachts and vehicles.  Over the years I have proven to myself and the universe that is is possible to succeed in various fields of creation and I continue to do so.... 
  Design is where form an function exists in simultaneous harmony, rather than following one another...
Recognizing our needs and desires and addressing them through  industrial / architectural process does  not  require that the form of an object is fully dominated by the purpose it will serve, or on the other hand,  it's functionality limited by it's visual appearance. 
I believe that these two key powerful aspects of any creation  are perfectly capable of taking this parallel forward motion complimenting eachother on the way, rather than trying to take the lead.  Approaching a project with natural influence  allows us to obtain internal, as well as external balance.  Balance between structure and ground, balance between unity and variety, between colors and textures. Balance within composition, with introduction of innovative solutions, latest technology and materials giving product ,vehicle or vessel,  more complete purpose and appearance. 
Designing is to walk the first path on unmarked field, Its about introducing the undiscovered as well as simply connecting the dots...  Nature is the worlds best designer, constantly  providing us with clues, ideas and inspirations. It is our natural course to improve, to innovate and discover.  It is my job to push the boundaries  or break them all together,  thinking outside of so-called established, approved systems and methods. 
There is always room for improvement and introduction of new solutions,  that are complimented by visual simplicity and elegance. 
Design that are intelligent , inviting and pleasing, purposeful and intuitive, but most importantly real...
                                               ...   If we can imagine we can make it... 


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