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 Naval Design 

 Designing water vessels is a passion deeply rooted in Lukasz Opalinski creations from the youngest age as he grew up  nearby a large lake, water skiing, and wakeboarding in the summer. 
Passion for being on the water has been carried into the profession and resulted in designing various vessels from personal watercraft to boats, yachts, and mega yachts.
 We focus on developing conceptual innovative designs of the vessels and once the drawings and 3D models are created the data is being submitted to the Naval architects and engineers usually appointed by the customer.  Further development involves commissioning an appropriate shipyard to assess the design and carry out construction. 
   Selected vessels designed in collaboration with large European shipyards. 

   Indah   120 meters  

 Magnitude  90 meters

Conqueror  80 meters 

Blade 70 meters 

Embrace 26 meters

Killer Whale  22 meters (interiors)

Yachting experience isn't at all about “being on the boat”. It is about “being on the water.”
This is a very fundamental and one of most powerful principles driving our creative engines to
envision and design watercraft capable of delivering this very experience.
If it was about “being on the boat” we could safely experience yachting from our beachfront
penthouse apartments and believe this is it...
This certainly applies to the larger vessels as they keep providing more and more space,
accommodation and indoor living spaces enclosing us and keeping away from what the yacht
was initially designed for …. “Being on the water”.....
Regardless of their size all Water Crafts from a jet-ski to 200 meter yacht are conceived
to bring back the experience and fade the line between us and the ocean even further. It is
about creating adaptable corresponding spaces and allow the vessel to transform accordingly
to location, conditions, requirements but most importantly to always always bring us closer to
what we are. 80% water......
This is why we enjoy it so much, this is why we live of it , this is why it is the main source of
all life.
Other than it's practical applications as transportation, leisure and exploration, We believe
that the yacht should serve the role of a bridge that helps us stay in tune with our
environment and be one with it.
Our open minded and unconstrained approach to design is visible in every one of our yachts
as they become more intuitive and interlinked through transformation into the new outdoor
areas that allow for full utilization of the available space. The new intelligent propulsion
systems and sustainable sources of energy make our yachts neutral to the environment. The
building materials and processes are also Eco sensitive and pose ever so decreasing threats
to the nature and this is only beginning....
Experiencing Ocean on board of a yacht that has every trace of universal understanding and
balance is like landing in ...“our mothers arms”..... and knowing that... “we are home”...

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